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Crane Rentals Available

Ring Power Crane offers a variety of new and used cranes for rent from 2.5-ton industrials to 1,000-ton crawlers, including rough terrain, all-terrain and truck mounted cranes, lattice boom crawlers and the largest line of hydraulic boom cranes in the world.

Doing business with a full-service crane dealer has its advantages. Because we repair and maintain our own cranes, our used and rental cranes are continuously monitored and expertly maintained. And, in the event of a breakdown, Ring Power Crane's field service technicians can be on-site quickly to put you back in operation fast.

Crawler Crane Rentals

85 - 1000 tons capacity manufactured by Manitowoc and mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks for stability and mobility, crawler cranes can move around on a job site and perform lifts with little set-up and are capable of traveling with a load.

All-terrain Crane Rentals

60 - 550 tons capacity manufactured by Grove.  With anywhere from two to nine axles, these mobile cranes combine the roadability of truck mounted cranes with the maneuverability of rough terrain cranes, and can travel on public roads or on the job site using all-wheel and crab steering.

Truck Mounted Crane Rentals

40 - 110 tons capacity manufactured by Grove and mounted on truck carriers for highway travel, truck mounted cranes require no special transport. Outriggers extend horizontally from the chassis and vertically to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting.

Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

30 - 150 tons capacity manufactured by Grove and mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, rough terrain cranes are designed for pick-and-carry operations as well as off-road and "rough terrain" applications. Outriggers are used to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting.

Boom Truck Rentals

8 - 50 tons capacity manufactured by Tadano, National, and Manitex.
Comprised of a telescoping crane boom mounted on a commercial truck body for easy transport, boom trucks are available with either stand-up or swing-seat controls.

Industrial Crane Rentals

2.5 - 30 tons capacity manufactured by Grove, Badger, and Broderson. Designed for plant maintenance and material handling jobs, both indoors and out, industrial cranes are easy to operate, with features such as carry decks, dual fuel capabilities, and multi-mode steering.    


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